Cumulous Columbus

Senseless extortion of cloudy days
Sun waves penetrate the prismatic haze
And a young girl
Eyes rolled up heavenwards
Sighs while crushing vegetable communities
Beneath her gingham dress

The hotel sways on a raft of marbled madness
Whilst sunburned sirens sing ancient dirges of shipwrecked sailors

Cumulous Columbus clouds float agonizingly by
Pierced by the wailing mantra of a Californian girl dreaming
Her skin-deep beauty struggling against the inexorable march of death

Deep blue spice eyes stare wildly at flashing contradictions
As a meat wheel spins by faultlessly

But who is to blame when the lame queue up for hand outs
And the excesses of the worshipped ones
The purveyors of limited choices
Controllers of all the voices you hear
Are carried on the broken backs of the crushed and dying
The crying of humanity against the insanity
Ring hollow in their cauliflower ears
As they infect you with fears

But maybe there is nothing wrong
And you can bang a gong and chant

"Trust us before you turn to dust!"
"Trust us before you turn to dust!"

Poetry by Firehawk
Read 667 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 01:56

Tags Anxiety 

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wow this is great also your writes paint a very vivid picture. I hope to read more from you,and thank you for sharing this with us all. ;-)