Collisions spinning in your head
The earth shifts on its axis
The train departs the station
Conversations of the mysteries of the pyramids
Whilst the ley lines align on the dark side
Quantum shifts in science and religion
Your feet wear odd socks
Your mind is growing, glowing with the anticipation
You move swiftly through the ancient myths
Filled with the force of love
The talking heads speak of genetic contamination
The doors to the demonic realms
Sealed for eons
Are begining to crack wide open
The iron horse gathers speed as the world slips by
Your head is spining but the centre is lucid
As in the days of Noah evil is being embraced
Sulphorous scents of perfumed enticements
Turn heads of the mighty men of renown

The engine halts in the station
My head is filled with your spirit
We part with smiles and hurried potential
The space is separated
The space is empty
The space is folded with time

The giant stones speak to the history of a lost past
I walk through the turnstile and move on

Poetry by Firehawk
Read 797 times
Written on 2005-11-08 at 09:58

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