Object Orientated Barbed Wire

The constant objectification
Of elementary delights
Fall like pan spearmia upon my skin
As I drive by your moonlit sidewalk
The shadow people submerge out of reality
No fast talk to confuse the pious
No promise of a consciousness without corporeal form
Yet you sit and stare as if you have the keys
To the kingdom of heaven
Exclusive rights to the invisible hidden domain
The confusion reflects my own feelings
As I ponder my journey through this wasteland

The teeming masses pull on my soul
I feel sick as they swarm around me
Relentlessly in pursuit of the material orgasm
Does the meaning come to your addled brain
Is the chemistry right
To keep you from the fright mares of night
It is only a membrane away angels and demons

Poetry by Firehawk
Read 856 times
Written on 2005-12-10 at 23:00

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