Sharing a little Halloween Humor written to a friend LOL

Hope you enjoy

Halloween Humor

I thought of ways to spook you
you're too old to scare
then I thought I might
could think of a way
if I was there

Then I said I'm not
and a cute spooky
story won't
then light bulb
how about lines
about the way guys
flirt LOL

Hey Mama
you are fine
if I gave you
two nickels can
I get you back as
a dime

this is one
you've heard
for sure
Excuse me Ms
have we met
somewhere before

Of this one
I've always
been a big fan
you have a wedding
ring on but I still
ask if you
gotta a man

Are you hiding under
the bed yet
is your head not
just your armpits
dripping sweat. LOL

this one should spook
you for sure
excuse me I've
seem to have lost
my number can I
have yours

You'll have to
help me remember
that black guy who
tried his lame game
I forgot what he
said but it was something
about your name

Have you even heard
this line too
are you a parking ticket
cause you got fine
written all over you

Well you're either spooked
or laughing your ass
off maybe
but let me get to the
line that counts
Happy Halloween LITTLE LADY..

Poetry by Will
Read 456 times
Written on 2006-10-31 at 18:09

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What a belly roll of Smashing Pumpkins!!:))))
Nothing like eh!! good side ache!!!
Laughter of pain no gain!!!! :)))
hugerama to you
What a smash!!this write is:)

Kathy Lockhart
This is great! I haven't heard some of those line ever. I like that ticket line for sure. You have me giggling. Happy Halloween my friend. : ))