ONE DAY LATE an Early Write

Just a old Halloween write

Candy, Candy
for everyone
Candy Candy
I want some

What will it be
Trick or Treat
will it be Dum Dums
or more chocolate
to eat

Seperate the good
ones from the nasty
Last year I saw a lot
of Spongebob and Patrick
what about Squidworth and Sandy

Last year believe it or not
I still saw homemade costumes
but there's was too much
cute stuff nothing scary
like witches, ghosts and ghouls

To me there were too many
bright fancy costumes of famous
cartoon characters it seemed
which doesn't really get to
the scary, ghost story telling,
darkside of Halloween

Ghost, witches, and black cats
are it seems a thing of the
but take time to scare the
s--- out of someone that's
a blast

Other than trick or Treating
take the kids to the cemetary
tell a scary story, while setting up someone
to scare them just for fun
do a little more than just let them
eat candy to liven it up
Happy Halloween Everyone

Poetry by Will
Read 471 times
Written on 2006-11-01 at 17:02

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Excellent!! I love Halloween, though this year I just stayed at home with my hubby and watched scary movies!

Kathy Lockhart
this was a great read Will. Last night I spent time watching my grandchildren trick or treating. I remember well seperating the candy. When I was a child, there were people who handed out homemade treats like popcorn balls and carmel apples. We didn't have to worry back in those days. It was all good. I love the costumes that are homemade as well. We always made our own when I was a child. I also had my children make their own too. It is so much more creative. I loved the walk down memory lane. : )