At night

Vision of Malmö

Water trickling.
Stars twinkling.
The concerns of the day.
The innocence of the night.
The city lies quiet.
Echoes of the people.
Fading away.
Lights from the windows.
Shadows from the alleys.

Blending into one...

Poetry by ForeignFragments
Read 826 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 23:45

Tags Cold 

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Zoya Zaidi
Another superb piece.
Come back!
Love,xxx, Zoya

(trying to see the night as innocent) well i'm not sure on that one... but i suppose it has its moments :) what's malmo?

John Ashleigh
Oh I can deffinetly visualise the poem, only the last line throws me off. I'm nt sure how this poem 'blends' as such.

I find the last line doesn't fit. :( Maybe something like -- 'Grey turns to blackened swirls' -- atleast with a line like that you can tell the change. Good, though.