Autumn nights

My protector.

The stars.
There but then again not.
An ocean of mystery,
Today's world is:
So cold.
So alone.
So bitter.

Yet I see a light.
A heaven, where they sit.
Everyone that I hold dear.
And there in the midst of them.
You sit.
Calmly discussing.

Back in reality.
The coolness of the autumn night creeps closer.
We sit closely together.
Warming each other.
Still the stars twinkle above us.
The oceans rhythmic drumming beneath us.
The mist of our breaths in the air.

Insecure you are.
For no reason rest assured.
So amusing.
Yet another you shines though.
Wanting to show.
Wanting to speak.
Wanting to grow.

A prisoner in your own Glass Cage you are.
So am I.
So is the world.

I feel your warmth.
I feel the cold air.
I feel the wood on witch we lie.

I feel life.
I feel...


Poetry by ForeignFragments
Read 792 times
Written on 2005-10-18 at 01:00

Tags World 

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Zoya Zaidi
Another master piece!
So, sorry, you seem to have left us!
Such a master story teller gone!
What a pity!
Love, xxx,Zoya

This flows very well and gives me a good feeling inside ,just what i need right now , thanks.

Thanks for your inspiring words. Such contrast; such beauty in words. Most greatly appreciated.

This is truely beautiful and well written. Your words spin a nice image for me. Good Job!