First autumn night. Only me and my Friend. Sitting there. Watching the stars. Discussing the world.

The Wind

Blowing trough your hair
Insecurity glowing around you
Tensions in the air
Trembles in the ground
Sadness in your eyes
Yet happiness in you soul
Feeling lonely and at the same time appreciated
Searching for love
Searching for joy
You're so close
Yet so far away
Like a wind
Eluding your discovery
Caressing your skin
Then disappearing into oblivion

A chill running down your spine
You don't feel it
You're too focused on him

Will you find the right one?
Can you find the right one?
Will he be the right one?
Will you be ready?
Will he be ready?

Questions in your head
Doubt in your heart
Determination in your soul

Time to look past the exterior

Time to look into your interior

Poetry by ForeignFragments
Read 873 times
Written on 2005-10-05 at 18:04

Tags Cold 

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Zoya Zaidi
You are so talented dear!

John Ashleigh
Nice work here, a very talented touch has been found. I dont know what to say much is except maybe use some commas to break it down a bit?

having a friend to talk in depth
about love and how they fill or how
you fill about another person is really
an awsome thing under the moon and star's .it just go'es to prove that freindship
is priceless