I have become a product of everything and nothing at all:
I struggle to identify an identidy
Wars ars fought,conditions are forced
Laws are passed and policies planted
Yet I can't even come to terms with myself
I can't come to terms with you,with us
with the moment,with anything
Maybe there's a pill for that too!!!

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 745 times
Written on 2006-11-02 at 22:52

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Amanda K
i doubt there's one but you got a point man.
thanks 4 sharing your thought

there is a pill for everything nowadays...
somehow we lose touch with our own realities and become a lukewarm mess of nothingness that leaves us wondering who we really are


Kathy Lockhart
If you find it, will you share it please. But then again, I really wouldn't know myself, if I knew myself. Great thought provoking write.