As I found myself in a sudden tidal wave of misfortune - I couldn't help feeling like it wasn't just your average phase of "when it rains - it pours" I felt I was being consumed by something more than circumstances - something bigger than me!

Is that all you got!

Some nights - it's like fire and lightning is striking
Attracting - negativity's passion - it's transit
Infact, it's like addicted to ashes - heart, souls and eyelashes
Stop, drop and I roll - but it's laughin'
It's lack of compassion - refusing to fathom
Or even imagine - the damage it's draftin'
As if - it's an artist - whose colors are blackened
With just enough pain - to make - death seem attractive

ALAS - it has passed - and my prayers have been answered
The cancer - it had me - and barely - I stand here
Alive and in awe of my journey - this past year
Relieved but aware - I have not shed my last tear

Life has a way of reminding the poet
That we have been chosen to bleed and expose...
What the average bandage is trying to hide
As we paint life in colors that can't be denied

Poetry by brian paglia
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Written on 2010-03-27 at 06:10

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Christin Brennan
i can see how you were chosen for cover. overall, i really noticed how the aggression runs parallel between the words you chose and the syntax that was so amazing-w/ the punctuations, line breaks & the raw truth, creating a viscious beginning that slowly becomes calm by the last stanza. it's like you used all poetic resourses possible to create a black forest w/ no mercy that communicates directly w/ the reader's imagination, which i don't think you yourself knew would be so strongly received-as equally as gave.
the first stanza was like fireworks shooting inches from your face. the rhythm is refreshing, tart &, when read allowed, sounds badass. that's really the perfect theme for the poem...for me anyway.
i do have one thing: for such a great poem, the last line seems weak & kinda disrespectful in a piece like this. i think it could be much better

thx for the read & cheers,

I very much like your last three lines in this poem. Sometimes only poetry can describe what's under "the average bandage." Life can be a struggle at times and it helps if we can express our grief and other feeling in words.


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