What exactly would you do?

If I told you that I (dug you) - would I sound like all the rest
If the proof was in my eyes - would you be less inclined to guess
If I showed you what it was - to be admired like a Queen
Whispered (close your eyes) - then showed you - things you've never felt or seen
Would you run away in fear - or would you lean into the moment
Would you question wether you deserve - or simply fucking own it
If I took my tongue and tasted - painted places - then re-traced it
Made you spin until you questioned - what the hell my kiss was laced with
Took my time with every movement - made it perfect - then improved it
Found your one and only spot - then simply jacked you up - and moved it
If I took the whole entire night - to drive your ass insane
Made love until you can't recall - (how many) times you came
Held you til you fell asleep - but failed to realize
That my hands cannot be near you - without finding both your thighs
If you begged for me to stop - would you forgive me if I didn't
If your girlfriends wanted details - would you hold back or admit it :)
What exactly would you do - if we were ever to pursue...
the chance to take our pants - and throw 'em halfway 'cross the room
The chance to make the moon fall from the motherfuckin' sky
The chance to change the flavor - in the many tears we cry
The (chance) to take the past and every scar within it's seam
Tell a story - of a future - that is presently a dream

If I told you that I (dug you) would I sound like all the rest?

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 812 times
Written on 2010-03-22 at 20:34

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la tristesse
Hot stuff. I'd do you just on the strength of this write! ;)

this is so good! I just cant describe how over the moon I am reading a poem from u again... U have such a great talent and u should publish a poem everyday:-) but this one was definitely worth the wait. I wish I could say more about this poem but it might just come out wrong. This is brilliant...

This poem demonstrates to me just how powerful and emotive lust can be! I love the rhyme you've used :) Charlie