"Welcome to Mcdonalds - may you help me?"

She stares into the distance
Patiently insistent
wanting and needing
begging and pleading

Asking the questions that will not get answered
Fearing her prayers never reach the hereafter
Life - it gets lost in this fog of depression
She's - been reduced to a child left guessin'
Living this death that's disguised by her breath.....
And the anticipation is all she has left

There's so many more who are feeling this way
but there isn't a whole lotta things I can say
For I have been patiently waiting as well.....
to be free'd from my own fucking miserable hell

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 756 times
Written on 2010-04-09 at 19:25

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the title got my attention immediately I love McDonalds (healthy I know:-)
This is so much deeper than a burger..."anticipation is all she has left"... this is such a familiar feeling, I mean it is that feeling that little hope so little but there is still hope,,, and it will probably end up help/hopeless anyway. You are just so good B I do hope u feel better soon. Thanx for writing brilliant poetry... Just love reading it.
Keep well