not me, but me in a way. inspired by a documentary called "camp hollywood." excellent film.

coffee and whiskey

every morning he wakes up,
brews some coffee and adds whiskey:
then drinks - this is a ritual.

he smokes on his porch,
in a seedy hotel called broken dreams,
while drinking something toxic

[add some to the fire]

there's also this writer,
in another room, but he's anti-social;
i don't know him.

but i think, if i did, he would be me.
he keeps hiding in all this shit called prose,
"in new hampshire people don't like gays"

he smokes too: while he writes

let's make a barricade with coffee cups
and cigarette butts; maybe then,
the world will stop spinning
[(in our sober and realistic haze)]

Poetry by Zachary P. B.
Read 1164 times
Written on 2006-11-06 at 00:18

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Amanda K
a koll idea, give it a shot. was fun 2 read.

Merry Christmas ^^

Jeeez! Wow. This is till' now the best one i've read in here.
Great, great, great.
It has this vibrant feeling, while still being a little "heavy." (in a brainfood kind of way)
It's beautiful.
Gives me this "prozac nation" feeling.

This will be my first bookmark here..
concider yourself "bookmarked"


I love your writing!! :P This was another text in a row of great ones!

I really like the ending!

Ingvild =D

hey there, careful or you would uncover too much of myself...
i'll trade you some cigarettes and whiskey to keep it hushed up... oh some really good coffee beans too!
great to be reading you again...
how goes it? :_)

this is great z. I like the atmosphere you paint. I especially like:

"he smokes on his porch,
in a seedy hotel called broken dreams,
while drinking something toxic

[add some to the fire]"

in our sober and realistic haze.. nice ending.

I have to watch the documentary.


Sandy Hiss
Hey, that could be me, not the whiskey bit but the anti-social Enjoyed reading this.

keith nunes
ah yes, z this is magic mate, absolutely splendid

Zachary...what an amazing talent you've been given. You speak with a voice decades older than your bones, which just blows me away. Hopefully this poem has given you the release you've been seeking.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
I love seeing your talent blossom! Outstanding images! You are special Z!