I Saw You Outside My Window Last Night

I saw you outside my window last night.
It was such a sad, sad sight.
I thought you'd left for good.
I guess I misunderstood.

We never really said goodbye.
I couldn't afford a second try.
I know you went mad, I did too.
But I had to start anew.

And now you're back, payback time.
You need to solve that passion crime.
I was happy when you left town.
Good to get rid of your sad, ugly frown.

You're the pain in my every breath.
You'll keep stalking me 'til my death.
I obviously can't get rid of thee.
Oh, Sorrow, you'll always keep haunting me.

Poetry by Daybreaker
Read 533 times
Written on 2006-11-06 at 00:32

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Audrey Barber
I know what you mean, it has never felt me. Oh sorrow why do you haunt me so

Very well chosen words

Kathy Lockhart
wow Daniel awesome poetry.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

I was expecting this to be about an ex
the twist at the end has blown me away.

Brillently done.