Challenged .......but not a disabillity!!

I am mentally challenged but not mentally handicapped

I am verbally challenged but somehow get by reading off of cards

I am denturely challenged -I can chew pretzels ok but can choke on them

I cannot ride a segway - my wheelchair is probably safer

I talk to my dog - as he is more Intelligent than me - but that's ok

I read comic books as my vocabulary is not so good

I sometimes get confused and can't find my way out of a room

I really have no idea sometimes - I just say what comes to mind

I really am out of touch from the rest of the World

But please vote for me in the Mid-terms

And my name ......

Not JR Hartley

I am George W Bush

I started World War III

Words by English War Veteran aged 98
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Written on 2006-11-08 at 02:10

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I think that WW3 was inevitable, and would never blame any Western European, or American. I love the write though, and find it fascinating. Applaud.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
You humor is very unique an refreshing
on topics must people wouldn't even
dare approach.


lolol... I agree... I agree. Your sense of humor is fascinating.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
It is easy to see the mainstream media has done its job well; sold the viewers and listeners in the U.S. and all over the world
c.r.a.p. : contrived, rubbish, against, (the) president.

I think George looks pretty with his eyes that close
do you think he will let himself be cryonized ? I think he will

I would add that he doesn't know the way out of his own country either! Or does he think it's all his? lol I loved this witty appraisal of the duck in the White House, hope the ceilings are high!rofl

Love the title too