Is there anybody out there?

Wandering about,In search of an answer
Stumbling over my very own feet
Years have gone by as I start to realize
I'm actually hiding while claiming to seek

The voice in my mind tells me which way to go
The voice in my heart begs blood not to flow
This conflict inside wages war on a soul
That has not yet decided which voice has control

If ever I needed another's perspective;
For I have become sick and grossly infected
With years of ideas that remain ineffective

Thus, one of those poems to be later regretted

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 756 times
Written on 2006-11-13 at 04:30

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Wow, this left me speechless. From the beginning this poem had my attention. This poem will never be regretted... it is far too good. "I'm actually hiding while claiming to seek". Most people claim to be seeking when they are actually hiding. You summarized it so well. Sketched the reality of life with your flowing words. Wish someday I will be as good as you... Great work

Well I would'nt regret this one Brian I enjoyed it very much.