More seepage. I awoke at 3:00am after a terrible dream of confinement and rejection. I hope this gives a voice to anyone who is suffering now from oppression and abuse in marriage. There is hope! Just keep moving forward. You will bloom again.

I Gave~You Took

I gave my best from my heart
I gave my heart from the start
I gave my body for your pleasure
I gave my love for you to treasure
I gave and I gave

You took my love and abused it
You took my innocent life and used it
You took my heart and threw it away
You took my spirit a little every day
You took and you took

I gave me hope in leaving
I gave me life in believing
I gave me strength in starting
I gave me freedom in departing
I gave and I gave

You took those papers in hand
You took off your wedding band
You took a breath in dispair
Now take a look I'm not there.
You took and now look.

I give myself a new beginning
I give myself a way of winning
I give myself a chance to grow
I give myself a whole new show.
I give and I live.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 2318 times
Written on 2006-11-14 at 09:42

Tags Abuse  Divorce  Marriage 

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Oh, Kathy! This is an excellent text and very very easy to relate too since I grew up watching my mom get abused and nearly beaten to death and then I started walking in her footsteps finding men who abused me.....
There's only one way to get out of a destructive relationsship and that is to take the highway.

I do believe this text can make a difference and send that final strength to some women who are on the verge of leaving and just needs that little extra push.


liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Great expressions of
sadness and hope.

Well done for breaking the cycle.


And so the next scene will be one of a happy, strong, carefree Kathy falling in love. Great work my friend, we have to write them out and rewrite the new beginnings for sure. Smiling at you, Tai

and how wonderfully you know how to live! this is a beautiful lesson about life and about the strength one needs to carry on...bow down, kathy...i'm in awe. *bookmarked
Lilly xxx

Kathy, you just gave me the most valuable present ...your poem.
Thank you for this wonderfull poem,,,it encouraged me..thank you

Jessica Rexroat
YES! YES! YES! and YES. This one has the feeling of reality to the roots. It is solid truth from a survivor and is so exact I had to sit for a moment to regroup before I could even comment. I like these poems from you the best.

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
That's right girl! You give yourself a whole new show! Because you are the author and the protagonist in your lifes play!*storm of applause*

Beautiful poem about overcoming the obstacles! Determination, and loving yourself..very brillant Kathy!

You really took my breath too
mama kathy ^^

Missed you alot ^^

what can I say but mother , you take my breath away . There is a heart in this poem which will never stop beating . Wow .
*proud daughters

brian paglia
What a wonderful piece and I wish my voice had tone because this is one of the best poems I have ever read.I truly do mean it when I say that this poem kicks ass!!!AWESOME

Go girl... say it. I love it, I love your cathartic pieces. Such strength, such spirit, such rhyming rhythm. (you're making me alliterative... lolol)

Live well and live free and remember most people don't hurt and the ones who do hurt more, you get stronger in every verse darling!!!!

I cannot but applaud!

keith nunes
all power to you kathy! march on

Zachary P. B.
in this poem, all i see is kathy... excellent, beautiful, real... kathy, i hope you are finally free from all those bad memories and can fly again, because you are a beautiful soul to be seen by the world... i love how the last stanza was the "i give" stanza, and it didn't end with "you took" to me that had special importance, i don't know if you planned it that way..


Rob Graber
Effective and inspiring!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty You are Free AT LAST!
And that freedom has released you to do things like write brilliant poetry like this. You come out of that dark cave and into the light and now we all are blessed for your emerging. Now you are giving to the whole world and it blesses you and respects you and appreciates you.

Yeah, I can clearly remember.
Though it wasn't physically, it was a mentally and verbally abuse that
my mother had to stand through all the years.
... and I just hope I haven't turned the same. At least I'm well aware.
An excellent expression of you, Kathy.
My sincere hugs to you,

Strong Expression
Way to persevere!!!!

Your Strength of Spirit
of character of heart
all these characteristics
as a writer and a person
set you apart

Stay Strong Kathy!!!!

Now that your nightmare is over you are the Bay
sweet dreams..

Very Grand Write!!!

Dan Cederholm

What a great poem Kathy, You give us

so much strenght with this text . . .

You are a very talented writer and it is

always a pleasure to look att todays text

and see what you have write . . .

I will bookmark this text and read it over

and over again!!! All the best to you Kathy!

and many hugs . . . Dan


very nice i like it =)

a strong voice in this read,how ones mind can feed from the abuser even after they are not even there.
to unload and empty your heart and soul to mend and start a new....what the mind can do in a abusive relationship. Can play many backtracks and needing to learn to start new tracks. One step forward is a start!
theriputic write indeed:)))
thankyou love

This is the way of men Kathy and your way of regaining your life, is very inspiring. I wish I could summon up the anger enough to follow your example, but this love thing, just wipes out all flickerings of anger in me. I can't hate him enough, or love myself enough more like, to pick my life back up. The next time I ask a man what he wants and he replied whatever you want to give!lol I am giving f**k all!lol Thanks for sharing your inspiring write. Tai

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
sorry forgot to rate a five from me

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Katherine a powerful and a telling text and in any one sided relationship these things happen rgds mike

be careful of the heart can nhowever stifle a lovee to be found
rgdas mike

Chris Fernie
Dear Kathy,

This reads as excellent therapy; so glad that you are on the mend!

Don't forget, I hope to make that pilgrimage to Indiana one day, and I expect to find you just dandy! I can see it now: an Englishman on a dusty highway, Gladstone bag in hand, wearing a Stetson two sizes too big (and a big smile), asking directions to Mistress Lockhart's house - yippee! Eat your heart out, Bob Hope!

This is 'Road to Kathy's Pad'.

Cheers, Chris