I've been overworked lately so I got in last night and shared a tired moment with my son LOL..

A Moment (back on track)

I knew I would love him
but that I would absorb
moments with him
boy if I would have
knew that then

there I was dancing around
the floor like a fool with my
he's kicking his legs and giggling
so now we're both having fun

he's taking me in
because he missed me
all day
little does he know
I feel the same way

I lift him and say
come on get at it
Little Black
he smiles, then giggles
while kicking his feet
giving me positive feedback

So we're circling around the floor
giggling and having fun
I hear his mother
say see Xavier your Dad's
where you get your
craziness from

I tell her
we're just
enjoying life
for the first time
in longer than I
can remember
everything feels

I smile at him
He smiles back
thank you son
and Kiddo for
your words
I'm back on

Poetry by Will
Read 557 times
Written on 2006-11-14 at 16:56

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EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a beautiful moment shared . Your son is a blessed little boy because I know he knows your strong arms will always hold him . One day he will also know what a great poet his dad is as well !

Always cherish the moments you spend with him! ( Especially when he is one day 17 and asking you for money, and to borrow the car..remember those moments.) I have always been sentimental and nostalgic, and often think of similar things with my mom:)

nothing like love for your children,momments cherished!!loved this write of the fun and i could hear the giggles in this write,picture perfect:))))
loved this write much !!
hugs to you my friend

Kathy Lockhart
This is full of love, happiness, smiles, delights, baby giggles and daddy hugs. Wonderful Will! So glad you are back!!