Spiral Staircase (The Albert Hoffman Effect)

Erupting into a chaotic flow of life and death
The stars collided onto a sheet of breath
Twisted forward to make the heavens
A set of God that comes in sevens

The eyes who watched churned bittersweet
The stampede of colors on their feet
Somebody thought of the big bang theory
He wasn't there, were you?

Expanding nothing, so what's expanding?
Pushed me back to the corners of my mind
Spread my arms and fell nice to a landing
Gee, can't you people see gravity is optional?

The symbolic visions of my smile turned inside out
In midair, why not fly and shout?
I forgot, in space there is no sound...
I stay out here, my soul will flip around

Captain, my Captain, said the lips to the tounge
Can't you steer where you want to?
No, my son, to the lips from the tounge
I'm afraid that life is a song not done

Nothing expanding at the speed of light!
But there is no light! So the speed of Nothing!
Hah, bet you can't see me here in the nothing.
You're always wrong, 0 times 0 is...

Poetry by weirdzarun
Read 338 times
Written on 2006-11-17 at 07:03

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