Falling Apart

Crumbles and crumbles of concrete and brick
It's heavy on my mind, bold, and intense
These spiritual feelings that burst with in
Are kept silient, waiting for me to find it.

Deep and dark forever it will adventure to go
Into inside places that i've dared not to behold
For sometimes I'm never heroic, never bold
Enough to stop this thing inside from growing old

Twisted metal twisting rage screaming all the way down
All those who hear her must not be too careful when found
A slight intuition of feelings forgotten lurks my mind all around
Until sanity loses its way and my satanic system is crowned

And like that I will enrage all of my anger and thrash about
Despite who is close no matter no stranger or spouse
Sad will be the day and tears will flow in pain and drown
All who dare to talk me down of spilling my anger out

Do not fret little one, no, do not fear me
Gentle I am, and I stand on honest feet
You may think and dream in your sleep
But do not come close to me when I bleed

Poetry by AZ
Read 813 times
Written on 2005-10-11 at 22:09

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To be angry...yes, it's so bad, usually we take it out on the wrong people...unfortunately.....like the peom