All the poems I've written about love or a relationship with someone else have all been in my head for the purpose of pretty words. This is the first real "love poem" that I have ever written for someone, and I like it alot. And I like her alot.


Intuitions are beginning to talk to me
"Hey, I'm talking to you," they say
That is as far as we've gotten
Institutions are handing me pamphlets
But I don't read their silly language
And I don't walk to the beat of a drum
I stride without the use of drums at all
My stride carries me, although I'm not that tall
It is the thoughts and the music in my head
And the pauses that I have pondering
It is the things I see in my eyes
And the air between my joints
The ease by which I am alive
And the sound of my voice when I drive
These are just some of the gifts
I have these while you are in my life

Poetry by AZ
Read 1263 times
Written on 2005-11-11 at 17:24

Tags Love  Personal  Real 

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John Ashleigh
- And the pauses that I have pondering

Two actions that intervene impossibly because of a single feeling, this tells me how strong you love this woman you're holding in your arms.

Brilliant poem mate - keep it up.