Love at first Sight

What is it in the eyes of sacrafice?
A sharp stare of uncontrolling certainty
Putting the shame the taste of southern spice
A part of which there is no contengency
Look into my soul, gaze upon what there is to see
A distant ocean of which a spanish ship cannot pass
For when crossed in eachothers ways, a sudden urge to flee
Weary journies existed in the past
But when thou shalt allow a moment thought
A blink of dove's eye cannot timed be
There is a feeling faster than a drowing breath caught
In our eyes emmotions entwine endlessly
It is only a quick glance, with in me a dim light
For each time I see you, it is love at first sight

Poetry by AZ
Read 1232 times
Written on 2005-11-08 at 19:21

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I like this Adam!! Especially the last is perfect. One day I will find someone who feels that way about me!