stupid girls and their deceptions, uhm...on my friend


Simple times for difficult minds
A constant construction of feeling.

She enters your mind
For the very last time
And you don't know what to believe in.

It's a cause and effect
A chip trick at it's best
Only she controls to what extreme's end.

For you buddy all is lost
You suffered the cost
Do not fret for she did not mean it.

It is you who is gone
Whether right, whether wrong
And that,
Is what you get for thinking with your penis

Poetry by AZ
Read 1467 times
Written on 2005-10-12 at 14:46

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...interesting, superb flow...sounds like something out of a chic flick...humourous too, especially at the end...the title is not appropriate though n i cant quite think of an alternative...

A true account! haha--use the right head m'dear.

Like your poem,it really sheds some light on the way men think...yes, used to believe they were truly in love with one, now I have to hear it's mostly lust.....damn....nice poem though! :)

I like this one!!! Very cute indeed!! and very true...think with your heart regarding matters of love....not your "head".

do you get chip tricks thinking with your ...? ola ola ta!! lol