Based on characters I created for a Christmas Series some time six years ago

FYI (Characters based on my family) LOL Hope you enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone..

Thanksgiving Question

By the look on Mom's face
Dad knew who was on the phone
He then announced out loud
enough for Sis to hear
tell them to stay home

Tell them they shouldn't come
I plan on having the flu
What do you mean
they want to come
for Thanksgiving too

No Way, No How
I don't care if our
grandkids miss us
They're not F***ing up
Thanksgiving the way
they alway F*** up

Dad took the phone from Mom
"You want to also come on Thankgiving"
do me a favor sweetheart
Wait til I'm no longer living

Your brother said the same thing
do you get together & plan this
You are never gone long enough
to be missed

Sis begged Dad can
we come please
he didn't know what
to say
Dad would be thankful this
year if they just stayed away

We were just going
to buy a few cornish hens
have coffee and play cards
with a couple of friends

Dad just had an epiphany
Little Girl you just don't want
to cook, don't lie
We're having a quiet Thanksgiving
see you on Christmas Good Bye

Dad hung up the phone
why can't they leave us alone
Picked it back up it suppose to
be our Golden Years as he dialed
brother to tell him to Stay Home

Poetry by Will
Read 549 times
Written on 2006-11-22 at 18:44

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A typical family scenario of dysfunctional families..comical to read :)

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Gosh Will. this is comical. What a family. Poor ole' crouchy dad!! He tells it like he sees it, that's for sure. Maybe he could just be stuffed and then he could be the true Thanksgiving Day turkey. lol.