Hah! The Clerk spills tea all over his mornin' newspaper. No idea where this came from. Boredom most likely, but at least it made me cackle out loud.

Sonnet 5 (The Second Deluge)

He grieves the loss of perfect innocence;
The nascent truth - a herald's cries of war,
For born into a world of violence,
The infant quickly stands upon life's shore.
Supplied and armed with faith and clad in hate,
Evincing nothing more than broken hope;
The gem of unity is left to fate.
"How can we vanquish evil of such scope?"
He ponders this, as suddenly his tea
Blots out most every article of blight,
A purging flood he failed to truly see.
He does, however, feel a bit contrite.
The coming of a new Deluge is near,
Perchance it's time for man to disappear?

Sonnet by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-11-28 at 04:44

Tags Clerk 

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i lay silent before your genius

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David Hazell
Those Frost giantssaid they'd be back. Thomas I shot from the hip, and asked Thomas Perdue something I have been wanting to ask you. That bloody clerk? I was wondering if you had any particular figure in mind? It's not a problem if you want to keep it a secret, it adds to the mystery. it may even be better if we all have our own candidates for the role. I think your clerk poems would make a good book some day.
Take care

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Rob Graber
Ingenious! Wish I'd have thought of it... ;-,?

Bored or not, this is a masterpiece in its creation!

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