I thought you were different

I went through so much pain
This just takes me back through memory lane
It was only you I trusted with my life
Only you that ended my strife
But then my life flipped
My heart is now eternally ripped
Everything good turned bad!!!
Why you're the only good thing I had?!?
I loved you with all my heart
Finally my heart was fixed but you tore it apart
My tears fall I still don't under stand why
I never told you one single lie
Now my life is falling on my head
Things are running me over as if I'm nothing but dead!!
I spilled my feelings to you
I went on a relationship that was never true
I thought you were different you wouldn't lie
But now all I can do is cry...

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 304 times
Written on 2006-11-29 at 03:52

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And if crying makes you feel better, then do so. I know its hard but you will feel better soon.

~Aaron Rowe