Written 2 years ago

Do You Know Me????

My best friend, who I love more
than life, can't see
As much as she does, she doesn't
Kiddo, Do you Know Me?

My girl believes she has an inside
track on who I be
I keep telling her she doesn't
Princess Do you know me?

My boy had a line but that diminished
with time he now has a family
so he's off to his own thing
Dawg, Do you know me?

My mom knew the kid
but all she can see is
the kid only
so she's blind to who I am
Mom, Do you know me

Kiddo, you more than a friend
you're my heart, my sunshine
a key to a needed happiness
a lifeline

Princess you are the woman
I chose to spend my life with
you didn't give up on us
now we shall share a life together
and our son a tresured gift

Dawg there's nothing I can say
you are doing what's right
take care of your daughter &
your woman
you know we're partners for life

Mom you have gotten me to
where I am, are you proud
of me
I guess if I turn out a good man
you should get a finders fee

I'm doing Ok as of now
I'm in a good frame of mind
with an easygoing personality
but in reality
Do You Know Me?

Poetry by Will
Read 452 times
Written on 2006-11-30 at 20:30

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a fabulous poem Will. I love the subject, knowing you! : )