A short tale of getting my training focus back last month

Back on Point

I lost my focus
for a while
usually I can
workout thru
a nuclear war
so that's not
my style

I kept my eating
habits on point
but since there
was no weights
involved I didn't

About a month ago
I got back to
I'll never loose it
again God as my

The distractions were
financial and the wife
I sat down at the end
of October and told
myself I have to get right

After a month of
being back on point
the strength returned
I thought never again
live and learn

Thanks to my son,
and a couple of
very special friends (PWM, Kiddo)
loosing my focus again
I promise I won't
with my wife keeping
an eye on my diet
I should have no
problem staying
and never again
having to get
Back on Point

Poetry by Will
Read 450 times
Written on 2006-12-01 at 16:50

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Amanda K
we do stumble in some of life's stages, but as we realize what us lose it ; we will be able to get balanced. the poem is simple but so meaningful.

Zoya Zaidi
That is some resolve Will!
I wish I could get back my focus!
I lost it years ago...
Whom to, where and why?
I don't even remember!
I wish I did so I could recall it back... lol!

(((Hugs for that resolute write))))
Love, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart
where ever you are, what ever you do, this loving friend will care for you. : )