this is to my nephew...well its goin to be...the baby isnt born yet but will be less than 1 month....

To My Handsome Little nephew!

To my handsome little nephew

Here's to my handsome little nephew witch is you
The day i found out about you
I was so happy and excited to be an aunt to a wonderful little boy like you!

The day you came into this world the skies where blue
Not a cloud in the sky
Such a beautiful day for a handsome little boy to be born!
My breath got heavy as i waited to see that handsome little face of yours!

Such a lucky little boy you are to have such of wonderful parents!
They r so lucky to have you!

Friday, December 1, 2006

P.S. I hope u will have a great life!!!! I love you forever! and i will be here whenever u need somebody to talk to!!!

Love your Aunt Mitzi!!!!

Poetry by Mitzi
Read 1070 times
Written on 2006-12-02 at 01:40

Tags Family 

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Ariel Bennett
I love this poem teehee.


Dear Aunt Mitzi,
They love you, too forever!!!