This is about my family that have died and my poor doggie that died last night.
dont worry anyone i'm not dead or dieing. and if anyone sees any of my poems posted on my mom's site thats just because i ran out of room on this site.

I'm up in heaven now

I take my wings and fly

My clock has ran out of time

I don't want my loved ones to cry

For I am free of all the worlds crime

This brilliant place laced in gold

I can watch you all and take care of you

My life is now starting to unravel and unfold

It's like something completely new

I love being free from all the wrong

Don't worry we'll meet again one day

You guys just need to stay strong

It's not like I was permanently taken away

I see everyone I haven't seen in a while

This place is full of laughter never tears

On every ones face there's always a smile

I'm finally away from all my fears

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 731 times
Written on 2006-12-02 at 18:36

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Brooke Michelle
OMG!!! Ariel I Love Youe Poems!! Made Me Think Of My Brother A Littlle. But Love It!!

Love Always/Your Sis


hey ariel...yea what is goin on? dont get it really well anyways this is a great poem! writtin very well! oh and whats ur moms page?!

Zoya Zaidi
Hey, Ariel, I just read your mother's message, your poem on her page, Now this!
Don't tell me you are dead? Then how are you posting this...
What is up with you?
Come back where ever you are!
Love, Zoya

Zoya Zaidi
What is this Ariel? Where are you going and why?
What happened?
Please someone tell me something!