Just some thoughts about the men and women that are serving or have served our country in the past

Toy Soldiers

We are not here for your pleasures
Nor for our pain
We are here to preserve your treasures
Not for our gain

We are here for your protection
Volunteer, we did and some died
We are serving, seeking no recognition
While others hide and are still alive

We are here for heroes not to be
We get scared, wet and cold
We are just like you, you see
We are young and we are old

Toy Soldiers we are not
We bleed and we die
We have no hidden plot
And yes, we do cry

Families watch us go and come
And they cry real tears
We try to console them some
But we still see their fears

We don't ask much from you
We do it for love and duty
We love just as you do
Freedom in all of its beauty

Don't ask us about what we've done or seen
Don't wake the memories dormant inside our heads
Thoughts of the past can make our souls scream
Some sights, sounds and smells need to stay dead

When you see us around and about
Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines too
No need to jump up clap or shout
A simple nod, a smile or a thumb's up will do.

No, Toy Soldiers we are not
We did bleed and some died
There never was a hidden plot
And yes, sometimes we still cry.

Poetry by Sam lockhart
Read 776 times
Written on 2006-12-02 at 22:32

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Kathy Lockhart
thank you Sam for sharing this. I am without adequate words to tell you what this means to me and what you mean to me. I am happy you are here and are posting your thoughts in poetry. Love you. Kathy

Jessica Rexroat
Of course my mind quickly goes to my dad. He was a soldier, but he taught me that soldiers could cry. He showed me how to honor others who have followed the call. He has passed the respect on to each of his children. I had a friend killed by a terrorist's bomb, we were barely out of high school. He did what he had dreamed of doing he was in the air force and while sleeping in his bunker house over seas a truck drove into it with a bomb attached. It was not war time. The group of them were getting ready to come home. So before 9/11 I discovered what terrorists do, what they intend. That was nearly 12 years ago. My father stood in his dress uniform and looked on at a fellow airman who had pursued his dream to honor the country and paid his life for it. My dad stood strong in his beautiful uniform, a picture of respect and command, and he cried. There are no toy soldiers, only people trying to do something more, something noble.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
The information above the comment box says "is it worth reading?" This is more than worth reading, it should be required reading. It tells us so much. The communication here is so clear and yet so humble. On one hand it leaves the reader speachless, on the other, there is so much to say, you don't know where to begin. Let me just say, thank you Sam, and thank you veterans for your sacrifice. Please accept my meager thanks. I wish I could give you the reward that you deserve. But only God has that capability.

that was good *thumbs up*

Sam lockhart
Sorry for typo. How do I edit. sam

This was beautiful poem to all generations before us and the ones who live know

Dan Cederholm

Yes that so thru. . . sometimes we cry!

This is a Great poem Sam and thank you

so very much for sharing it!!!

All the best to you, Dan!