Love took it all

Do you belive in love at first sigth?
Do you belive in love at all?
Do you belive in that special feeling people tell about?
Do you belive in finding that special someone?

Do you want to live your life pretending love doesn't hurt?
Do you want to live your life searching to find the perfect one?
Do you want to live your life just hoping you don't get hurt?
Do you want to live your life beeing in love?

Love is just a feeling that you can't describe.
Love is just caring for someone so much that it hurts.
Love is thinking about someone 27/7.
Love is getting hurt.

Beeing in love means that you're not willing to let go,
But still you do cause you know that someone is better off.
Beeing in love means not getting the one you want the most,
But still love that person more than any thing.
Beeing in love means never letting go.

I will never fall in love again. Love took it all.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 739 times
Written on 2006-12-03 at 22:52

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Love is an experience that heals as well as hurts, but all is to learn what to do when you're next in line, again. Hange on sweetie!!!

I feel your pain, powerful