For Your Pain (Pain shared)

Love's Pain

There is no pain
quite as painful
as lost love
The pain of what
use to be and
sometimes what
never was

Loving someone
then being betrayed
them falling out
of love with you
the question of
why your love

Those who love
as if they have
a possession
when you learn
that's not love
it will be a hard

Those who love
those who don't
love them back
that's a type
of heartache that
feels more like
a heart attack

Those who love
someone who's
incapable of love
That's just never
going to be
whatever the cause

Those who love
for looks or lust
Real love is timeless
but appearances change
so to love for more of
a reason is a must

Those who love those
for whom with they never
can be
if this one sounds familiar
to you this last one
is me..

Poetry by Will
Read 841 times
Written on 2006-12-04 at 17:49

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Great poem here. Its very true the most painful pain is lost love. And there are so many people who mistake lust for love. Something that could never last very long.
A very heartfelt, wonderfuly written poem!

Amanda K
you depicted many situations in which ppl think they love in a right way when they are entirely distorting the picture of love. what i can say am speechless but the hints in your poem drew my attention to facts i have to be aware of since am recently engaged and want it to work out splendidly.

thank you sor sharing your thoughts,

Just how my feelings are put the words in my mouth

the loss in losing the love within another
is hard to take ..but time does
heal..just never knowing when!!powerful
read :)
hugs to you my friend:)

Zoya Zaidi
Yes, losing love is the most painful thing in the world,
When betrayed, your whole world comes crumbling down (please read my poem ' Betrayed' if you have time),
Yet we love and will love on, for we love because it is a need with us.
There a beautiful couplet by the famous Urdu poet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, and I will try to Tran create into English here:

"I am just enriching and completing myself/
Otherwise, I don't really love you!"
Faiz Ahmad Faiz

((Hugs Will))
Love, Zoya