A Little Inspiration

The Difference Is ...........

There are men
then there are beast
the difference is
one eats the other feast

There are muscles for show
then there are ones for use
the difference is
one of them tells a lie
the other nothing but
the truth

There's showing off for others
then there is showing yourself
The difference is
you'll always go further proving
to you rather than showing off for
someone else

There's lifting heavy because
that's who you are
then there's talking like you do it
try to remember don't just
pretend to be hardcore
go ahead and prove it

There's training with a partner
or if you prefer stand alone
there's really no difference in
this just as long as you

*note* Remember the difference between man and beast when training is how focused you are and how willing you are to push it past your limits

Feed the Freak to Build a Beast

Train Hard, Train Heavy but most of all Train Safe

Poetry by Will
Read 459 times
Written on 2006-12-04 at 21:49

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Amanda K
wise and very true. i could relate to them and paused after each stanza to refelct on. enjoyed it indeed.

warm regards will,
Amanda K

oh!! I give it a lift of a 110!! rate for sure:))))

Push it real good!!this write!! heavy liftiing I will do!!
Mr.Olympia Bay this is what we all need!! this is a
great write of inspiration!!
loved it!!!