The innocence got lost on its way

The Gardener and his Daisies

His true love was working with his hands
he was always busy doing something
in the garden
on the street

He sure was good with his hands
he always kept them for himself
in his pockets
behind my back

I always listened to what he had to say
"hand me my secateurs, would you?"

So I did

Then he told me we are going for a ride
Just for a while
I dyed my hair,
washed up and then we left, yes we did

He took me down to the pier
What a splendid moment to try out my new shoes

He took me to the carpet shop
I can not see what roll I have in this old show

He refused to take me further than the dump
I tipped him and said "So long, It's been fun,
det här måste vi göra om nån gång"

and as the dust swept over the road
the ashes turned to stone

and as the shivers ran down my spine
my thoughts turned to bone

but i'm sure he's feelin' fine

the gardener and his daisies
pushing my luck
twisting my nerves
he'll get what he deserves

He'll get it.

Poetry by TheLine
Read 848 times
Written on 2006-12-06 at 04:36

Tags Gardener  Death  People 

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Wow i love it. in fact this is one of the best ones of yours ive read . Thank you for the chance.