A Hero's nothing but a Sandwich

A Hero's nothing but a Sandwich"

Rooster was dead
and Rabbit was
he had Rooster's
Chick on the strip
giving $5 popsicles

"Popsicles", meant
she was giving ni---
and for the right price
another $30 you
can split the feathers

On the Vet it was said
Rabbit let Gorilla break
Rooster's Hen in
that was the word
now she was no longer innocent
she was one loose tough bird

See Rabbit didn't just kill you
he s--- on your memory
he thought that no matter what
this town will remember me.

Rabbit wanted everyone to know
he ran this like New World Order
and everyone got f^&*ed if
anyone tried to F&*( him over

No one was untouchable
even Mayor Buffalo
can get tookout
Because Rabbit kept
a sniper name Hawk
on the lookout

Word was The Mayor
had a new head of the
task force especially for
This dude was a real Fox
Rabbit shook out of habit

After what's about to go down
these dudes would have to
begin to understand this
A hero ain't never been nothing
but a economy size sandwich

They're always hiring someone
to take Rabbit down
but what Fox didn't understand
that Rabbit knew about the job
offer even before Fox came to

Rabbit had mad cops on the payroll
government officials, and what's even
more scary
that when all else failed
Rabbit was f^&*ing the Mayor's
personal secretary

So if the mayor thinks he has one up
Rabbit thought he must be insane
Whenever the Mayor came up with
an idea it was like Rabbit got wind
of it before he farted to clear his brain

Rabbit gave the work
three shots hit Fox in the back of
neck in a tight bunch
That's what I call
a Rabbit punch

Rabbit thought if this happens
again everyone's going
to get showered
those two heros do have
something in common
they both get devoured

Poetry by Will
Read 444 times
Written on 2006-12-06 at 17:32

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OMG!!! your imagination !!this was absolute! a painful laughable side ache i ever did read! and what a Great andwhich it was!!lol
loved this much great way to start the mornin lol
hugs to you and family