I don't love you Mom.

It's the past that you're trying to relive.
You know it ain't working.
Don't make up for lost time.
You're only making things worse.

You say you know me, but it ain't true.
You don't know me at all.
If you had, you would know that I don't like you.
Don't like you at all.
You would have known that almost every word you say,
Hurt me bad.
I have bruises because of you.

It ain't my fault you desided to change my life.
It ain't my fault you never cared at the beginning.
You started it all.
Live with your faults.
Your "faults".
I know you look at me like one big mistake.
Do you really want me here?
I don't think so.

You don't give a shit.
You just pretend to care.

You changed everything, Mom.
Don't pretend you don't know.
If you don't want to leave this family,
Why did you?
You can't come back.
You're place here doesn't excist.
And you know it.
You know it.

So start living with your choise,
And respect the choise you took.
Get used to the fact that I don't live with you,
And that was my choise.
I don't love you Mom.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 767 times
Written on 2006-12-10 at 01:44

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the anguish towards a mother how i feel the pain
in this write,,to move forward to forget the past
when both come head on full speed ahead..can be very
hurtful frustrating and anger ignites..I have learned to
take that anger and hurt to a slow burning amber...
you see I feel what you write and understand
In time you will ease off what choices your mother
made as we have no control over anothers choice
she is your mother and she will always will remain within
you as she is part of you....we will always love our mothers
no matter what and I thought the same but deep within
there is always that amber that stays aglow you may
never have the relationship but you can forgive and take that
hurt and anger you do carry with you and release the pain as
you are in your writing!!!! and you do write with all your heart
and in time you will mend..never can we make up for lost time as time is the now and there is never the right time to do differently.
like the saying goes in time you will heal and move on,never hold onto anger as it will drag you down and only see the negative..side.. don't know the choices that were made but in time you will forgive and go on...
sorry I wrote so long got carried away and hope I made a wee bit of sence in what I just wrote you.this poem really made me think about my own relationship with my mom
A really powerful read!
hugs to you

You have every right to feel the way you are sweetie, but remember, in the end what will you hold on to when it comes to her, love or anger. Just something to think over darling!! Hang on sweetie, hang on!!!

Rob Graber
"I know you look at me like one big mistake." To me, this is a powerful line with excellent rhythm. (Two spellings to note: "bruises" and "faults.")