Pondering over moods that colour our perceptions,
I wondered: What, if feelings were colours...


If feelings were colours
Then I would colour
My Sorrow Blue,
My Passion Red,
My Happiness Pink
My Agony Black
My Sadness a Grayish hue
My calm Sky-Blue
My Envy naturally Green
My Jealousy always Yellow
The colour of my Peace
Would be a Dove-White
My Disquiet
A mix of Red, Blue and White
My Confusion
A jumble of all hues
My Satisfaction
A Turquoise-Blue
The colour of my Compassion
Fuchsia, just like the flower
My Sympathy
A molten Golden-Brown
My Empathy would be
Transparent without a tinge
So it could take
The hues of other people's feelings
The colour of my Anger
A frothing Emerald-Green
The colour of my Love
Sometimes Crimson
Sometimes Blue
Sometimes Pink
Sometimes a Golden hue
Sometimes Silver bright
As a Moon-lit-Night
Sometimes Yellow
Sometimes Green
And sometimes Black-as-Hell
But it's Red I love the best
'Cause it happens to be
The colour of my Soul.
The colours of my Ecstasy
Would be like a Rainbow
With a fragrance all its own
So sweet I can't describe it.
My Hatred is a Jade-Green
A shade I have
but seldom seen,
The colour of my Desire
That of a lustrous Sapphire
With its hues entire...
The colour of my Cravings are
like those of Persian Engravings
In the town of Astrakhan,
The colour of my Shame
A Shocking-Pink
And my Humility
An Ivory-White,
Which remains in the background
Yet outshines
The colour of my Wonder
At the magic of the World
A Pearly-White, or Lavender.
The colour of my Elation
Is bubbling like Champagne
Yet that of my Serenity
A Silver Moon-lit-Night
The colour of my Tranquility
A Golden Sandy Beach
The colour of my Salvation
I have yet to Define...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India

Calligraphy of Ghalib's couplet in Urdu by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1544 times
Written on 2005-10-16 at 17:50

Tags Elation 

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Zoya, I finally found your recommended poem and I loved it. You can say so much with such elan. Whatever made become a doctor???? Your calligraphy tells me you are quite an artist too. I have a photoshopped image of one of my OWN paintings which seems to fit this poem perfectly. Wish I knew how to upload it and send it to you....

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Zoya, this is so clever and unique...you have a marvelous brain, a magnificient spirit, and a most loving soul! xxx kathy

a rainbow of feelings , I liked this if fact I liked it a lot,,Eddy

Black Knight
Great. Really great. I myself sometime think: what if feelings were colours, or: what if colours had sounds or if words had smells etc...
Sincerely yours,
A little bit blue,
with some grayish hue,
slightly Jade-Green
(you know, what I mean)
Not Ivory-White,
and always Black - Knight.

Wow--I could see the colours as I read this. What a great poem, great images!!

Zoya Zaidi
How about painting a canvas and then posting it here for all of us to see? Thanks KJC for that heartfelt tribute.Z

Another fine poetry! You have a gift that I wish I had, Great work, keep it up and the mystery that is involved within. Thanks.

So lovely all this is... I could bathe in these colours for a very, very long time...

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
colours - they are in a way extensions of us, how we use them anyway. we wear our favourite colours, we paint our homes so too, darker colours showing darker moods, funerals black to show grief and the like. colours - the splashes nature gives, we can be her students and create.

Erik Brickman
A certain fiver and a favourite written in stone. Atleast in the stone of my taste.

a gr8 one!...its like a gentle walk through ones own self....