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The Hustle

As I listen to mahalia,
Troubles of the world,
I realized that I am not a victim anymore,
Never a predator,
But now, what I always wanted to be,
A human being,
Filled with flaws, bouts with affliction,
Filled with achievements and recognition,
And it all evens out,
Like life should,

We asks ourselves why we are here?,
It's a test, an observation and a privilege,
A test because we are always proving ourselves,
Through trials and tribulations,
Lies and half-truths,
Justification and humility,
A myriad of paths chosen to be our ways,
All we have to do is blink and think about it,

Observe, who does that?,
Everyone, but only two really counts,
Up and below,
They watch us be generous,
Be selfish, be cynical,
Be everything except being the pawns,
Of a great chess game,
But there only results of trying to do the best we can,
With the baseball cards given to us,
For fair or unfair trade among friends and foes,

And a privilege,
To the ungrateful, this is for you,
We are the envied, from above and below,
Creature and earth,
Who else has the ability to create and destroy at wish,
But take that for granted, because so does above and below,
We are privileged to be among the chosen,
We are responsible for what we do and pass on to others,
We are dutiful because of the paths and new paths taken,
Alpha and Omega to all except, the creator,

Do not drink into the tasks taken though,
Because like always, like the foolish seem to forget,
The scales will and always will be balanced,
One way or the other,
If you look at it, we are a theory,
Among judges and juries and yes, executioners,
And they're all waiting for us,
To do, to fail, to decieve, to achieve,

And everyday, we hustle,
Everyday, we hustle,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-12-10 at 15:02

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This piece is so deep, and says so much, I had to read it a few times. There is so much truth to it..bravo!

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Rob Graber
"The scales will and always will be balanced": I like that!

Kathy Lockhart
yes we hustle everyday in whatevery way we choose. Great thought-provoking and observational text. xx