she is the modern day Isis
honey doll...she is priceless
perfect definition of what a wife is
I like this
show me how exciting life is
how we met must have been fate
first date she came late
I was filled with love and not hate
she kept asking questions
possibly figuring out how my mind is made
what do I do to get my rent get paid
...all the sweet words I said
talking about having a family
raising kids someday
in some fancy suburb
she wants to reside there one day
that is alright with me
so I helped her get home
as I walk away I think soul is no longer alone
she is precious
more precious than lost treasure
matter of fact
I really pray that we can stay together

I see you dressed up in white
face covered in veil
am I dreaming?
do I hear wedding bells?
the day that your father gives you away
to a real man
I gently put the ring in your hand
do we vow to stay faithful?
do more than "try to" ?
now look me in the eye
and say I do
driving off to a new life
just married...this feels great
we could spend our honeymoon drifting into space
I want to love you...hug you
squeeze you...touch you...tease you
it is heaven for me to please you
will not stop until you tell me to
tight embrace...gentle caress
running my fingers through your hair
a lifetime could go by while I am with you
and I would not care
you are precious

Poetry by Mike
Read 601 times
Written on 2006-12-11 at 13:40

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tony legba
Interesting, Mike.
I have now read through the range of your poetry.
I am left with this impression.
People comment on your work in two way: they are drawn to the truths you tell...they are drawn to love. To me, this shows a problem with how people write and read poetry on Poetbay. Too many seem to think that because they tell a truth they have written a poem...a sermon, yes; mystical prose, yes; some up-lifting verse for a greeting card, yes. But poetry: no. Of course, love is a powerful, constructive emotion, but I don't get much sense that poets across the internet have ever read much, significant love poetry. I think your writing has changed, as if you are writing for Poetbay. Love for those who respond to love and don't really know what to do with other kinds of poem.
In this poem, there are sensitive images. But I wonder where the Mike that wrote "Still I rise" is.