I Fold

Search my face with all your stares
and try and find the places where
I keep my darkest memories
or where I hide my tendancies
But what you'll find is years of fear
a poker face designed to steer
Your eyes away from what appears
To be two eyes that hide despair

So I'll remain inside myself
Who better knows than noone else
Can't deal with all I feel inside
Or deal at all,God knows I've tried

And so my closest confidons
You strangers often called upon
I thank you but no thanks to me
Sincerely and regretfully

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 795 times
Written on 2006-12-11 at 19:11

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Amanda K
thank you for sposting it. it means a lot to readers.

all the best,

simply amazing! how are u doing brian?

Kathy Lockhart
Another fantastic poem. You are talented!