a new sky

ocean breathing
in a new era
the same horizon
with a different sky

sand washed shore
secrets below
memories, pasts
long gone still engraved

clinging on to the cliff of history
learn to let go,

the sky
is constantly changing

Poetry by kladdpapper
Read 861 times
Written on 2006-12-19 at 10:03

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J. E.
This poem is speaking to me very clearly. I'm not sure what was your intention, but this is what every soul on this planet should believe; the truth everyone should face. We are indeed "clinging on to the cliff of history", and it is because of our own fear, which we should just let go. There ARE keys in the past, but not in the way most people think. They are hidden from the masses at this stage; lost in time. "for the sky is constantly changing" - Yes, it is. The truth must be lived, in cannot be tought.

Tell me, what inspired you to write this? I think it's brilliant. Really. I could have written this myself. Actually, I wish I did! Just you keep it up.

J. E.

so beautiful text
it's perfect

A beautiful, moving piece..what fantastic imagery!

Wonderful pictures you created there
Fortsätt så :)


Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
full of wonderful metaphorical images. Well done. I love the feeling this gives me. The hope of a new sky. Lovely. This goes in my favorites. : )

Zachary P. B.
yeah, they are. i am happy for you. and i am glad that things change, being stuck in somewhere i don't want to be - with myself i mean. what a frightening concept.

sorry i haven't been able to reply your mail yet, my computer hasn't been working.


These times are now?
The earth is changing energy fast?
I dont know
It`s only what I feel
This text fits me like a friend........