Part 2 of the trilogy


We use it as safety,
When it's really "marking the territory",
We use it as love,
When it is really "controlling the situation",
And we use it as peace of mind,
When we are really at the thin line of insanity,

Like it or not,
You assume ownership,
Of a so-called "property",
That either does or does not want to be owned,
It's only natural to be afraid,
To be cautious, but the new program is,
Trust and Risk,
How can you learn to cross the street,
When someone is always holding you hand?,

We live in"beauty surround",
And the channel is always on "temptation",
Hard world, isn't it?,
And even staring at you,
From afar, I can't take you,
Because you seek a cmpaninon, a lover,
Not an owner,
As money manipulates,
For the manipulator,
So does loves demands,
For us to deliver what is best in us,
Not the other way around,

And that's where you find,
Peace in mind, I guess,
And the only thing worth taking,
Is the hand of the one who truly,
Gives back,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 674 times
Written on 2006-12-31 at 09:33

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Very creative

what a wonderful write and the last line so making the others stand out ... as they are so different in style --- bookmarked