When I'm mad at you

You tell me that your sorry

You tell me you love me

You tell me to look in ur eyes

So i do,

but when i do that i become happy

I cant stay mad at you when i look at you

I dont kno why

Is it bc i love you so much that i cant stay mad?

When I look in ur eyes

I fall in love with you all over again

I cant help but to love you

When i hear ur voice

I just wanna fall on my knees and scream I LOVE YOU!

When ur in my sight

I cant breath

I cant do anything

Besides think about you!!!!

All i wanna say is i love you with all of my heart baby!! never leave me!!! leaver let me go!!!!

Poetry by Mitzi
Read 490 times
Written on 2007-01-02 at 06:00

Tags Love 

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so sweet so beautiful darling!!!

Brooke Michelle
OMBUG!!! Mitzi i love it!! made me think bout adam. idk y tho... Says*freak-y*

well keep up the good work sissy!!