It's tarring me apart

To see me break heart

Killing me deep inside

Seeing these tears he tries to hide

I try my hardest to leave

But without him I cannot achieve

Watching him crumble and fall to tears

Doing this to him is one of my fears

Maybe breaking my heart is better

I just don't want to be his hearts shredder

His tears blinds me in pain

It hurts so bad... no words have yet to explain

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 662 times
Written on 2007-01-05 at 03:27

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betsy Firefly
Our hearts are often torn apart when we are young lovers. Even older lovers, but it sems to tear harder when you're young if I remember right.

I think that should be tearing, or maybe, 'It's torn me apart. would fit better Ariel, and maybe 'to see me break your heart'. A good poem on the choices that lovers have to make sometimes. Nicely written. Smiling at you, Tai