This is to my 21 yr old brother Allen....


Allen you r one of the BEST brothers anybody could have,

You are here when i need to talk to somebody

You try your best to help me with my problems,

You make me laugh even when it hurts

You are a wonderful brother/best friend

I love you very much!

Thank you for everything you did/do for me!

If anything happend to you i dont kno what i would do!


Love your sister,


Poetry by Mitzi
Read 1082 times
Written on 2007-01-12 at 17:54

Tags Family 

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Your brother sounds like a nice obviously are close to your family. Family are so important aren't they?

it is so nice poem. it reminds me that sister is so precious. i dont have any sister. nice wrok and very nice tribut to your elder brother.

The Unwriten
Awww! that is so true he is so nice!! i remember when he made me blush on cam:"> lol... funny stuff he told me i was pritty didn't he? i cant remember but yea... even tho i didn't know him all that well u told me alot bout him...

This is what family is all about the love you show for your sibling..this is so beautiful the love and care and that is
very special to have the relationship you have with him as alot
of brother sister bond dont have it..beautiful Mitzi
your brother Allen must be proud!!
hugs to you