It might help to read Thomas Perdue's "A Circular Life"
as it provided the inspiration for this co-write.

Create one's own path[ A continuation of

If life is like a
continual, unconcious circle,
How can we break from the mould
to be like a "Great One"
and create our own path?

Great One's like
Muhammed Ali,
Who forged his own path
and won by fighting Adversity?

To follow one's own path,
To build upon what has already been
Before one's own time...

To place one's own stone
In the coninually growing effort,
A castle to hold all of mankinds efforts...

Each stone, the same
But yet, uniquely, in it's own way

Foundations laid by those before
are only a guiding light to show
a path we can take
..that is different from those who's trod it before.....

For those who trod before us
may have created the path....
but it's up to us to continue it in a new direction...

As new ideas come to new minds,
Old ideas pass away
And are gone with the wind.
As the wind is sure to change it's course... to will the path we take change direction
depending on the choices we make.....


Poetry by Thomas P - Liz M
Read 334 times
Written on 2007-01-18 at 09:20

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