Thomas came up with the first tanka "Accents under the cover" and
I responded with a tanka back, Thomas did the third tanka and I did the last two... Thank you Thomas =)


Through Love, We Are Connected [A Thomas Perdue - Liz Munro Love-Tanka Collection 1]

Say my name again
I just love your accent Liz
Meet me down under...

Under the covers, we share
A secret that is our own...

Secrets never shared
by any lovers before
Us, we are the first.....

Joined as one, sharing the
same heart and mind, linked by love....

Our love is the link
Between our minds and our hearts
We have become one

Our love has made us as one
Through love, we are connected

We're love's connection
The links that make up the chain
No one can break them

Links that are stronger then steel
Yet they're softer then satin....

The softest satin
sheets aren't as soft as love,
Nor is steel as strong....

Our love withstands both kinds of
pressure,Never faultering....


Haiku by Thomas P - Liz M
Read 507 times
Written on 2007-01-18 at 09:38

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