The challenge is going really well so far. Keep it going. Here is another update of what we have so far. Remember, since it ends in a haiku, we need a renga to go next. Followed by another haiku and then a renga... So on and so on...

Second Update to the Thomas Liz Haiku Renga Challenge

The finale compilation will have the contributors names included. :)
Thank you and here's what we have:

Understanding Love
How do you explain this new
found joy to others

I would explain it as an
Aching in my heart no more...

Languishing heartbeats
In a love embrace. Please feel
The rhythm. It's nice...

rhythm swirling to heart's song
two lovers dancing embrace.....

Life in your absence
Is darkening of the sun
In twilights sadness

When you are here, my heart is
No more in such dreadful pain...

when you are not here
my soul is empty and my
whole life is shorter...

calls from your lips for my soul
awake me from the dark night

your voice drops honey
when you call me in the night...
how could i not come?

I'm drawn to you like the bee....
your love's so sweet within me

Like a mist I rise
spreading out over your love
damp with dew's moisture

I breath in the mist of your
love, and warm it with my blood

Love is a poison
That whoever drinks regrets; and
Who does not- regrets!

let me bless my soul with the
elixir from your sweet soul!

the mere thought of her
sends tingles through my body
orgasmic delight

his desire whispers to mine
butterflies flutter inside

It is a bliss so
Beyond what can be compared
To things that are real.

Is this bliss so very real?
I can feel your presence here...

kisses on your lips,
tangible, you are still here.
this bliss is quite real.

The sweet nothings in your ear
Compliment the moon set sky

the sorrows of night
come in whispers across the sky
as you whisper love

I start thinking of your love,
The words we always whisper...

Time fills open space
Thinking infinetly helps
Free crowded ideas

the hours seem too short a time
before we must part my love

heartbeats as carcrash
as flesh motion with lotion
starbursts etched infinite

Eternal lovers love is
Stretched beyond mortal doors

Feel your heart rapture
Her beauty, so elegant
A star shining bright

While I am with you there is
No pain to be felt at all...

Yours oh so sweetly.
Take my hand of love again
Release us from pain.

Let this pain cease to exist
There's no pain while I'm with you.

The pain we do feel
While we are so far apart...
Let that pain be gone.

Let us never again part
Let us stay in this moment.

In this eternal
Moment of love so divine
Let us not depart.

Our love shall eternally
Be within us, keeping peace...

Our love is within
US, it's within our very souls...
We are all there is...

I will fly in the stardust
become washed in your essence

dissolve into air
flit into my arms, my love,
your chocolate embrace

Though chocolate melts with time
our love stays whole, time is still....

Time is still, but yet
Our love continually
Grows throughout all time...

Our love only strengthens with
times passing, Our love is all.....

that really matters,
love keeps on ticking, always,
as constant as time

Haiku by Thomas P - Liz M
Read 502 times
Written on 2007-01-18 at 10:38

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WOW!!!!!! thats all i can say! this is sooooo amazing!!! so wonderful! you 2 write very very well!! keep up the wonderful work!!!! :D

Wow! This is a testament to love indeed Thomas and Liz and all the other contributors. Glorious in it gently reasurance throughout, that love is the key to happiness in you and me.

Fantabulous work