sycophants on the bay

sycophants on the bay
with so much to say
I like your writing
it's great poetry
no constructive criticism
only superb flattery
I love the bay
but the sycophancy
it is just too much
you claim to connect with my poetry
but inside it is a big sham
sycophants on the bay

Poetry by matthew chilufya
Read 679 times
star mini Editors' choice
Written on 2007-01-29 at 11:32

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
I find two things interesting in conjunction with this piece.

1) the poet or writer rather has no profile... nothing that self defines him.

2) Why was this an editor's choice? I hope merit wasn't the criteria.

I believe that the first person to write critics about somebody's work is the author himself, because he is the best person to know the quantity of work and effort and imagination deployed for bringing to life his/her work. Then, the next in line are those truly brilliant in that area, the so-called "masters". Here on the bay most of us are apprentices, trying to perfect ourselves, learning from the others, reading what is written, analysing, considering forms and styles, acknowledging things through friendship, not through hate. I, for instance, have learned a lot from people like Zoya, and Kath, and Kathy Lockhart, and Michael Meddings, and Rob Graber...and the list continues as we speak. Because none of them pretends to be perfect, though each and everyone's creations are absolutely beautiful in feelings and ideas. And, surprisingly as it may be, we even learn from those considered "beginners", because one can never know where he may find a truly stunning idea or expression of art. And even those who are really "masters" - for there are here, on the bay, also several consecrated poets - do not cut to the bone the newcomers. For the same reason: they know how hard it is to find someone to listen to what you have to say, and simply help you find a better way to say it, with gentleness and kindness. That, my dear newcomer, is called pedagogics, and in any field at all that is an art - the art of making another understand better what he/she has to do.
Now, to make things more clear: to which of the following cathegories do you belong, since you consider yourself to be entitled to write such words here: a) master in poetry? b) true connaisseur of this field? c) specialist in pedagogy?
Give us a reason that supports such assertions posted here...
Thus being said...God bless you, my fine lad, and may you find a way to become what you want to become.

Zoya Zaidi
Well, I do agree with Night soul woman and Nepanthes, having said that, let me elaborate on this:
If what you mean here is that people have only good things to say about each other, then let me tell you, we are here as a family, we like to encourage each other, every other site on the web is critical of each other, and sometimes it is cut throat out there. This intimidates a new comer and sometimes can really discourage him or her to write any further at all...
No one is perfect to begin with, we see the good in each poem here on the bay, the potential in every one, and point out the mistakes discreetly, instead of ridiculing the poet, which is what happens on most of the websites in the name of 'constructive criticism';
I have seen here on poet bay, poets evolving to become excellent poets, just because they were encouraged by us in the beginning... If they were criticized severely to begin with they would never have grown as poet... There is no harm in being a bit generous in your praise; I think it is better than being stingy!
I am sure that you will also improve as a poet with time, if you continue to stay on the Bay! lol!
Welcome to the Bay all the same dear, Mathew!
Love, Zoya

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
As far as I know, a sycophant is a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people. So I wonder. . . does that mean that we are all celebrities here on poetbay? Interesting. . .